Oct 262011

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One day I went to the sea to swim and dive . I tried to catch photos for fish and corals . but no fish came !!

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Jan 042011

O’ son … stand up !! there is no reason makes you weak like that !!

Stand up and let me see you !! a strong like men !!

Father !! How can I do that ?? I am paralysed and disable !! I believe that’s my destiny .

I am happy and satisfied ! my faith trusts on God .

Good my son !! so you don’t know if you will stand up and walk or not ???

Father !!! noway !! I cannot .

Look my son . There is only one who make the miracles . and you believe at that one . look at mountains . how their  elevation ?? high and high . and you . You are the HUMAN !! you have mind are thinking , Heart are beating and feeling . and soul

Stand up !! give me your hand :)

Dec 082010

The Islamic Calendar called Hijri. This name was taken from the word (Hijra), which means “migration“.

Hijri calendar has 12 months and each month has 30 or 29 days ( as lunar phase ) the total is  about 354 days .

Hijra Calendar startarted on the 1st of Muharram (1/1/1) was June/July 622.

Today is the 2nd of Muharram 1432 that corresponds the 8th of December 2010


In 620 , a delegation from Madina came to Makkah and met the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and after they listen to him they accepted Islam .
In June 622 , 70 men and 2 women came from Madinah as pilgrims , and they invited the messenger (PBUH) to come to Madinah and live there. Muslims in Makkah started to immigrate from that time; however the prophet moved with Abu Baker (his closest companion) in

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Islamic Calender

Nov 112010

Thu Alhijja or Dhu al-Hijjah as “wikipedia” is the 12th month of Hijry calender ( the Islamic calender ).

In this month, Muslims perform Al Hajj (the Pilgrimage ) in Makkah (the holiest city).
On the 8th of Thu Alhijjah ( 14 November ) pilgrims stay in Mina and get ready to go to Arafa next day.
On the 9th of Thu Alhijjah (Arafa day), pilgrims go to Arafat . On this day, pilgrims mainly pray (make Du’a/ supplicate ) to ( Allah) and ask him forgiveness , paradise and  better life . For example, they ask Allah for accomplishing their ambitious, fulfilling their dreams, or protect them from any harm. At night, they make their way to Muzdalifa before going back to Mina .
However, other muslims, who are not making HAJJ, fast this day ( if they wish) to be rewarded forgiveness.

On the 10th of Thu Alhijjah, all Islamic countries celebrate this special day, which is called (Eid AlAdha/ Festival of Sacrifice).
However, pilgrims sacrifice the (Qurban ) and  give the meat to poor people and also eat from it. In addition, they go to Jamarat ,which is the place that Abraham stoned (pelting with small stones) the devil.

At that place, Pilgrims do the same as a sign of being liberated from the whispers of Satan. It is believed that Satan is not there without a doubt.

After that, men shave or cut their hair, while women shorten their hair.
The days 11th, 12th and 13th of Thu Alhijjah, pilgrims finish Hajj by making circumambulation (Tawaf  al-wada’/farewell) of the Ka’bah.

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Oct 312010

I took this picture in 15 January 2009 in Makkah . I finished Umrah and looked for my friend around . the weather was warm and nice (before this day at night I was freezing because I was away in desert :) )
then I found this man in Ghaza street . he is so kind .. he’s called Zamzamy or Sagga .. the man who gives water to people in neighbourhood .. when I saw him I jumped quickly and said ” Salaam Alaikum .. can I get photo sir ??”
He said “ wa Alakum Salam …. DRINK
ALQABBANI : ” I will get photo ??”
he gave me the pot and smile ” relax son .. first drink then do what ever you want
when I drank I felt the water in mine !! I felt that I drank by my soul !!
the mixed saffron with zamzam water has special taste !!

Oct 262010

Go my pen , write down the light on world pages , and take my soul your ink .

My pen … weave the letters a golden rug to lay truth way .

Oct 162010

Salam my friends .. Happy Adha for all .

yesterday most muslims gave Qurban
The Qurban (udhiyah) is a slaughtering livestock animal (sheeps,cows or camels) during Eid ul-Adha (festival)

in islam culture muslims are sharing the qurban
1\ with poor and needy . who cannot afford meat through year .
2\ with neighbours and friends
3\ with your self and family ..you can store or you can make happy dinner =-)

=-) yesterday in the morning we got sheep’s liver in breakfast .. THANKS million my MOTHER !! DELICIOUS